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Shri Sant Damaji Mahavidyalaya

The College has achieved commendable progress with its high-profile academic infrastructure including internet and computer facilities, well-endowed laboratories, and a learning resource center, facilitating the career building of students. In Today’s world of Technological revolution, it has become mandatory for every technical institute to keep abreast of new upcoming technologies. For this highly skilled & professional is required to be produced We at S.S.D.M. ensure to meet demands of growing technology by producing quality skilled students who can be worthy of service to the industry, the society, and the nation.

The NAAC Peer Team visited the college on 7th & 8th June 2022.Based on Assessment criteria the NAAC Banglore the college is awarded B++ Grade with CGPA 2.95   Broucher Commerce Department 23-2-2021   Broucher English Department 23-2-2021


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